Artist Statement


I am a portrait artist. To me the facial expression will never be obsolete. It is a looking glass into infinite chaos and possibilities, a goldmine for creative inspiration. As a young artist, I am often surprised how my ideas unconsciously seem to gravitate towards psychology. The mind is inseparable from its environment, yet at times completely out of sync. There is a collective romanticisation of the artist as the madman, for example, in that we imagine that the madman holds access to unchartered territories of thought. I believe humanity to be intrigued by the unraveling of sanity, for within each of us lie points of deviation from the norm. Within the genuinely insane still remains a logic in which I believe we can all relate. They are reality’s loopholes, little traps in which we all secretly trip upon. My work explores the formation of such traps and the nuances of the subsequent fall.


The element of hard-labour comes innate within my process; I am not satisfied until I feel as though I’ve made something larger than myself. Perhaps that is why I have moved toward sculptural installation, as there is something physically tolling in the deed, that, when overcome, fills me with indescribable satisfaction. I aspire to be an artist of variety, to approach each project as a separate entity incomparable to the last. I hope to evolve and diversify, to examine the small-scale once I have explored the large, to vary in mediums and techniques to the point where this artist statement becomes entirely irrelevant.